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I have been illustrating since I was a child. I used to spend my days after school with a pencil in hand, drawing whatever came to mind, interpreting the world and events around me into illustrations. Art was always my place to relax and process. As a young adult, I would do occasional commissioned projects for family and friends, but art was still something I primarily did for myself. After university I took an interesting detour from art and worked as a humanitarian pilot in Africa and Asia for over a decade. But feeling lead to lean into my passion for art, in 2019, I made the transition to work as an illustrator. And I love it!


My speciality is culturally and contextually relevant illustrations that serve humanitarian and Christian faith-based organizations. I am passionate about the local church, justice, and service to the poor. Having lived and worked in several countries and regions throughout my life (Africa, Asia, Europe, and USA) I have developed a real appreciation for the artistic perspectives and styles of different cultures. I love learning about the culture and places where my work will be viewed and interpreted. My preferred medium is hand-drawn digital illustration, which better enables a collaborative process with my clients.


Currently I work out of my studio in Antalya, Turkey. I have enjoyed learning to speak Turkish, and have loved the rich history and culture of the region. When I am not drawing, you’ll find me exploring Turkey with my crazy fun family - with two sets of twins, and a fifth kid in the middle. Life is a wildly fun adventure.


Jonathan Blomberg

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